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On the south side of Puerto Vallarta where the noise and tumults are silenced by the wilderness, beautiful views and landscapes you can find our lovely ocean view Villa Cosmica. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet or in search of a place that allows you to be as wild as you wish without any concerns of unhappy neighbors, Villa Cosmica is the perfect spot.

Villa Cosmica is perfect for family vacations or friend’s gatherings; we specialize in bachelor parties, business retreats, birthday celebrations and special events. It is large and comfortable to accommodate up to 10 guests and yet small enough to respect the privacy that no hotel or condo will ever do.

Villa Cosmica is located very close to the most famous beaches in the south side of Puerto Vallarta; there you can take a water taxi to many exotic beaches in the Bandera’s Bay area.

We are 20 minutes from downtown and 5 minutes from the nearest beach.